PC MAN offers a range of business support plans available for business to meet your IT needs. Our plans will make sure your PCs are kept up-to-date, secure, running efficiently and smoothly

  • On-site repairs, phone and remote support for you and your employees
  • Quick response and resolution time
  • Maintain and install new servers
  • Install networks and configure systems to optimise speed
  • Install software that monitors your systems and warns of any potential issues
  • Provide secure remote access to your data for your employees
  • Install new PCs for your network
  • Remote support which reduces call out costs and increases response times
  • Backup solutions to help keep your data secure
  • Mail service setup or migration
  • Unlimited in-shop software services including virus cleanings, OS + Software installation
  • Plan prices tailored to your business needs
  • Technology consulting to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your information technology

Take advantage of the convenience and cost savings of monthly support hours – you or your employees can call in for remote or phone support on any of your computers or devices and not have to worry about racking up fees.


Contact PC MAN today to tell us about your needs.

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